My practice explores the relationship between the body and destruction. I am interested in how emotional pain affects the body physically, and how something invisible and internal can be materialised as an object. The anatomy, psychology and natural phenomena are my main sources of inspiration.

I focus on the processes of transformation of unconventional materials, for instance, various textiles, through heat and colouring. To transmit my personal feelings I use paints and believe that each shade can convey a certain emotion and mood to the viewer, so I am very attentive to this aspect in my works. A good illustration of this is my installation Eight phases (fig. 1) that studies the connection between the female body and the moon. Through a soft pink tone of watercolour on canvas I outline the characteristics of corporeality and feminity. Moreover, the grey-greenish colour presents a melancholic feeling, which has a cyclic nature and eventually strengthens to the full moon. New unplanned shapes, which show the element of chance and uncontrolled power in my practice, can be obtained in the case of melting fabrics via burning, for example the Grey matter object (fig. 2). In the process of destruction I see something attractive and repulsive at the same time. Whether the pain a sign that you are still alive or it is a sign that all material will dissolve.

In the future, I am going to continue to experiment with spontaneous biomorphic shapes, colours and texture, which will echo the anatomy of the human body and my personal perception of pain. It is possible that I will start working with the large-scale size installation and video.

Figure 1. Eight phases, 2017, 70 x 35 x 1,5 cm; Materials: watercolour on cotton canvas, honey, embroidery hoops

Figure 2. Grey matter, 2017, 50 x 85 x 20cm; Materials: blackout fabric