My practice explores the theme of human destructiveness. In particular, my research is focused on human nature: an inherent and constant dichotomy of destruction and creation, death and life (sex) instincts, or repulsive and attractive impulses. Conceptually, I have been considering the theories of Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm or Georges Bataille, whose ideas overlap with my personal viewpoints on destructive and contradictory nature of mankind. Psychology, philosophy and the natural process of physical decay are my main sources of inspiration.

Through non-traditional methods of art making, for example burning, melting or dissolving, I experiment with materials’ potentiality, creating three-dimensional works that revolve around transformative reactions. In the process of material destruction, I see something beautiful and ugly, something Uncanny or even some elements of Convulsive Beauty, in which a damaged object presents a singular aesthetic form. The element of chance and uncontrolled power is also taking place in my practice when I melt fabrics as it can be seen in a series of objects Hidden Organic Structure (2019).

Focusing mostly on textiles, I use colours as conveyors of emotions. In detail, colours and tones represent, for me, the nuances of our physical existence, which are derived from observation, associations and personal sensitivity. Nevertheless, I do not separate colour from form, they are strongly bound, influencing each other. A good example of this relationship is my work A wedding of contradictions (2018) which explores the juxtaposition of something pleasing with something repulsive. Silk material refers to sexuality, while a human body is evoked by the skin-like appearance of fabric and its plastic expression through gravity. The opposition expressed through contrasting textures, soft silk and burnt holes, that is emphasised by a sense of dynamism like a flow of diverse moving impulses.

I am interested in continuing to experiment with spontaneous biomorphic shapes, colours and textures that are echoing human anatomy in an abstract sensual manner as well as raising the question of the complexity of human nature.


Process of burning, 2019