A Wedding Of Contradictions

This work was inspired by Sigmund Freud's hypothesis of the death drive, a tendency towards self-destruction and organism's reduction to an inorganic state. The death drive is constantly flowing impulse, rooting in the constitution of the human organism, which is linked with the sex drive or the desire of pleasure. The sculpture is made up of 25 meters of fabric, which is used for underwear generally, by burning and gravity modeling. The burnt side presents death impulse from the ground while glossy silk shows an addiction to pleasure.  These contradictions are emphasized by the dynamic form, like a process of moving two opposite forces, where convex and concave surfaces express internal and external pressure. The gravity force, on the one hand, is a creative approach of sculpturing, resonating corporeal aspects of silk. On the other hand, the gravity affects a human body in the real world. The title, a Wedding of Contradictions, offers to think about temporality and complex human nature.  

Materials: artificial silk, chain

Size: 280 x 150 x 140 см, 2018