A Baozi

Inspired by traditional Chinese cuisine, Ekaterina has created the object, which represents her personal smell perception of a steamed bun Bao with a pork filling. Her sculpture on the one hand is captivating frozen moment of getting the smell into the nasal cavity. On the other hand, the object depicts personal associations that are transmitted through colours and materials.

In the process of research, the artist created the Bao scent extraction, where she detected the 3 main notes and expressed them through the khaki, orange and purple drops of colour.
Using the classic Chinese materials, such as rice paper and ink, it is not only emphasising the link between the scent of Bao with ancient history and the culture of China, but also indicates the organic structure of smell.

Materials: rice paper, ink, clay, silk threads.
Size: 170 x 70 x 100 см

From the "BreatheIn" exhibition, November 2017